The 35th Japan Conference of Radiological Technologists

Let's promote team medical care with the nation

From Sainokuni to the future

Message form the Chairman

The 35th Japan Conference of Radiological Techologists

Chairman : Hiroshi Tanaka

The Saitama Association of Radiological Technologists
I am pleased to note that the 34th Japan Conference of Radiological Technologists will be held at SONIC CITY in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, for three days from September 14 (Saturday) to 16 (Monday), 2019. The main theme of the conference is "Let's promote team medical care with the nation" with the subtheme, "From SAINOKUNI to the future." The transportation facilities are highly convenient; the shinkansen begins in Omiya and travels to Tohoku, Joetsu, and Shin-Etsu. We have planned to follow the past technology that our seniors built and to express new technologies to the country from Omiya in Saitama.

At the educational lecture, we plan to include a lecture on "artificial intelligence (AI)" which looks toward the future. Also, at the citizen's public lecture, we plan to give a lecture backstage until "Radiation House" comes on TV. Additionally, we will conduct "Human Anatomy Experience with 3D Images" for elementary and junior high school students, guardians, and teachers as a civic public release special project. Those who wish to operate the 3D workstation begin with a 3D image of the human anatomy, then discover how a surgeon uses the image for surgery support. Students who can operate further can attempt to create a 3D image.
We feel that medical radiology technicians are interested in medical care and various technologies support it. The Saitama Prefecture Medical Radiation Technical Association has held seminars for chest X-rays, upper gastrointestinal imaging, and CT examination since 1999. The content of our seminars (inspection technology, interpretation, and clinical technology) is unique to the Saitama Technical Association. We invite seasoned lecturers nationwide to participate. Moreover, we follow our experience and plan to hold a brush-up seminar and many modalities.

Omiya has the Musashi Ichinomiya temple and a history spanning 2,400 years, which is the origin of the place name. At this conference, we plan to do the Morning Run of the approach to the Hikawa Temple. Thus, you can enjoy the history of Omiya in Saitama in this way.
Additionally, Omiya has a "railway museum" which is a sacred place of the railroad.
Here you can enjoy the impressive railway history without railway enthusiasts.
We invite you to participate in the 35th Japan Conference of Radiological Technologists, share your academic interests and new technologies in Saitama, and enjoy its history and culture.